Career Preparation

Career Readiness and Preparation for Teens and Adults

Today’s job market is as competitive as ever. And while there are unemployed or underemployed who are ready to work hard and make a difference in this world, many may feel disadvantaged and frustrated when it comes to starting or advancing their career. 

AOEM has a passion for career preparation and job readiness for teens and adults. 

Career preparation is vital for teens who are faced with a competitive job market, where they must stand out to even be considered. AOEM training sessions are designed to coach applicants to set themselves apart from peers. AOEM offers foundational tips on resume writing, dressing for success, interview skills, and salary negotiations.

Career planning and strategies are important for everyone. The person who already has a job may need coaching on how to move into into a more fulfilling lifelong career. Those with careers want to be able to advance up the ladder. AOEM coaches career-minded individuals on how to seize the moment in meetings with managers, and teaches self-marketing as a vitally underrated component of the day job (those that know how to do it correctly are the ones that get hired and promoted!). AOEM’s objective through Career Preparation is to help each person be as prepared as they can in order to live up to the great potential we know they possess.