Community Development

Building Strong Communities

The bottom line at AOEM is to build community. This goal is twofold — first, to strengthen existing communities. Secondly, we will aid in building new communities. This approach allows AOEM to reach out to individuals, families, and organizations. We work in conjunction with homes, schools, churches, local businesses, and a host of agencies and organizations to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in the community. AOEM has professionals prepared to help with job preparation and job readiness. We work in conjunction with professional organizations to repair and build community. We envision communities with thriving churches, marriages, schools, and families. We see cities with exponential employment, finance and commercial enterprises. This social change process plants schools, processes scholarships, and works with city, state, and federal government officials/offices to develop funding for schools, scholarships and grants.

AOEM’s drive for Community Development is birthed out of a determination for social change. We strive to connect community people with local and national government officials to improve social, cultural, and economic conditions. This bottom line results in a change effort to heal relationships, build community, homes, families, marriages, relationships and places people want to raise families.