Education Development for Students of All Ages

AOEM is committed to education development for students from Elementary School to Post Secondary Education. This commitment is quite personal to AOEM’s founder, Dr. Paul R. Thomas, as he often refers to himself as a high school drop out, in spite of the fact that he is a now a candidate for Ph.D. in Management and Organization Change. While AOEM’s founder did drop out of school in the 10th grade, he realized while working as an assembly line attendant that his destiny rested in returning to school, and he returned to complete high school. Upon high school graduation, Paul Thomas found himself boasting about his accomplishment when he was challenged to take the next step by a Boy’s Club of Dallas employee. Paul recounts, “she asked me ‘…Paul Ray… are you going to college?'” After stuttering and stammering, Paul followed the Boy’s Club employee’s instructions and watched his tune change to, I’m a college student now. It didn’t end there. Now realizing the importance of education and seeing the impact it had on his life, Paul pursued further personal development, resulting in two Seminary Degrees and a Doctorate in Theology. In his own words,  “AOEM is my way to give back. I see a young Paul Thomas in many of the youth and an even larger number of the adults serviced by the organization. My goal is to promote social change via education. Many lives hang in the balance…will you join AOEM? Together we can make a difference.”